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What We Do

Pivotal Advisors is focused on building healthy sales organizations. We use an approach proven across hundreds of sales organizations to move them from reactive sales organizations to more intentional and strategic sellers with a consistent and repeatable sales process. We help sales leaders to improve accountability and provide strong coaching and feedback. This typically leads to more predictability in sales production and accelerated growth. 

Our model is based on the following “Pivotal Performance Factors:”

Growth Strategy

Pivotal Performance Factors

Defining and understanding where growth will come from. This could be from existing customers, new markets, new products or services, expanded geography or something else. We help to define the strategy, establish goals and initiatives and develop a plan for growth.


Having the right people with the right skill sets and experiences is critical in executing your sales strategy. However, companies struggle with finding those individuals. We help our clients define what the ideal sales person for their organization looks like and help them to select them and get them up to speed quickly, them retain “A” players and continually develop their skills.


It has repeatedly been shown in multiple studies that having a formal, defined sales process which every rep consistently follows increases the productivity of the reps. We help our clients define and implement sales process and develop standardized tools that can be leveraged at each step of the process. We also help them to implement well-defined sales plans on how they will achieve their goals.


The large majority of sales organizations typically measure results as their primary, and often only, metric. Pivotal Advisors believes it's helpful to look at multiple metrics that lead to sales. We help our clients to define key metrics for each company and set expectations around activities such as meetings, calls, qualified opportunities, deal/account size, close rates and more.

Rewards & Recognition

Driving the right behaviors that lead to sales success is critical in executing any plan. We help our clients develop compensation plans that are aligned with company goals and initiatives and work with sales leaders to drive desired behaviors through non-compensation levers such as recognition, competition and performance management systems.


Pivotal Advisors strongly believes that the largest factor contributing to a successful sales organization is the manner in which front line sales leaders manage their respective teams. Often the difference between average and outstanding performance is simply the ability to execute. We work with leader to help them develop a rhythm to their business that drives accountability and increased communication and work with them the develop their skills for coaching and providing feedback.

Our Offerings

Pivotal Advisors provides products and services around the Pivotal Performance Factors outlined above. Each company has different needs and requirements and we offer different levels of involvement based on what each company needs. They are outlined here:

Fractional Sales Management (FSM)

  • We act as your Sales Leader on a part-time basis if you CURRENTLY DON’T HAVE A LEADER and are trying to grow. We begin by assessing your organization according to the Pivotal PePerformance Factors above, then develop a plan to close any gaps we uncover. Our typical work includes:
    • Weekly team meetings and 1 on 1s with reps
    • Coaching and feedback to develop rep skills
    • Implementation of sales process, plans and key metrics
    • Regular ongoing meetings with the CEO or Executive Team
    • Forecasts and Pipeline Management 
  • Our engagements can be short or long term and we use consultants that have been certified in our Pivotal Performance Factors.

Pivotal Performance System (PPS)

  • We work one-on-one with the Sales Leader to IMPLEMENT Pivotal Performance Factors.  We start by assessing the sales organization on all levels to determine areas of strength which could be leveraged and areas for improvement.  We develop a plan with the sales leader, get alignment from the CEO and work with the sales leader over a period of time to implement that plan.   Our role is the provide the sales leader with the tools, systems and skills to develop a high-performing and disciplined sales team.   We meet with them on a regular basis to provide coaching, advice and tools that they can implement with their team, then help them manage change and reinforce best practices.  Our typical engagement includes:
    • One-on-One coaching with the sales leader multiple times per month
    • Configuration of tools and systems that the sales leader can implement with the team
    • Our consultants “on call” for the sales leader to address any issues as they arise
    • Regular check-in meetings with the CEO or Executive to track progress and maintain alignment
    • Scorecards to track progress of the team and to make sure  we are moving needles
    • Access to our online library of tools, processes, templates, and plans
  • We stay with the sales leader until new systems are not only implemented, but adopted by the team and the sales leader is proficient in leveraging those systems.  Our typical engagements are six to twelve months but can be shorter or longer.

Sales Leader Alliance (SLA)

  • We work with STRONG Sales Leaders who want to CONTINUE to LEARN and EXPAND their skills.  Peer groups meet monthly and are made up of front line leaders from non-competing companies across a variety of industries.  Our peer groups have two goals -  1) Provide SLA members with tools and best practices which they can easily implement with their team.  These tools and best practices are all based on the Pivotal Performance Factors.   2)   Allow our members to make better decisions by leveraging the advice and experience of other members of their  group.
    • Meets ½ day each month
    • Education on topics specific to Sales Leaders and based on the Pivotal Performance Factors
    • Leverage the peer group to make better decisions through facilitated Issue  Resolution
    • Access to tools and experts
    • Annual membership
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