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Focusing the Sales Team

Knowing where to go, who to see and what to say are simple yet critical decisions for the sales team. Having a defined and communicated strategy is the only way to align resources and focus your efforts on the most productive activities.

Many organizations have struggled because they have not aligned their sales teams with the company goals. They may have one team chase all prospects regardless of the market, but the team does not have the expertise required in specific markets. Or, the reps that land an account are the same ones the service that account going forward. Often, this results in reps spending the majority of their time with the clients they have already won which leads to a lack of new clients being found. Conversely, some organizations put such a premium on new accounts that existing accounts do not get the attention they want and wind up ending the relationship with your company.

Deciding and communicating this balance is an important part of your strategy.Implementing a clear strategy allows you to win a higher percentage of the dealsthat you choose to chase.


Are you are experiencing any of the following symptoms/issues?

  • Working ample opportunities with low win rates
  • Consuming resources on the wrong opportunities
  • Not enough new customers
  • Underserved territories or accounts
  • Inconsistent behavior across your team

Pivotal Advisors can help you:

  • Refine your growth strategy (customers, markets, products and services)
  • Determine the appropriate size and structure for your sales team
  • Identify the ideal customer for your offering and how to get to them
  • Develop the culture that drives your sales team
  • Create the goals that define your success
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