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Developing the Right Team

What would it mean to performance if you had more superstars on your team and could retain them longer?

Selecting the Right People

Selecting the right people for your specific sales and sales leadership positions is a challenging and critical task. Research tells us that the majority of our revenue comes from our highest performing reps and managers. We also know losing high performers significantly impacts our results. However, many companies continue to hire based strictly on work experience that has been outlined in a resume combined with a handful of interviews. This approach makes it very difficult to determine whether somebody has the work habits required to succeed at your company. Likewise, a resume or interview cannot tell you if the person you are hiring will thrive or struggle in your culture.  There are better ways to insure a higher success rate. Job-matching using a variety of tools and interviewing techniques increases your chances of hiring a successful team member by 400%.

Successful On-boarding

Once hired, getting new hires up to speed and productive as quickly as possible is imperative. However, most companies put their reps through a few days of "product" training and expect their new reps to be effective. On-boarding of new reps should incorporate all the elements of the sales process and the proven formula that will allow the rep to be successful.

Retaining Key Performers

Retaining key performers is an extremely important part of a high-performing team. Sales leaders need to focus on how to keep these people engaged and producing, how to manage their performance when they are successful, not just when they are down, and how to take their best traits and qualities and infuse them into the rest of the team.

Developing the Team

Finally, and most importantly, a sales leader must know how to develop their team. The higher the quality of your team, the better results they will produce. But sales reps will not get better on their own. Sales leaders must know how to identify the areas where reps need help, then provide clear direction for how to improve those areas. Sales leaders must also determine when someone is not going to make it and take steps to replace those people with better talent.


Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms/issues?

  • Do you wonder if you have the right people?
  • Do you rely on the same top performers each month or quarter to hit your numbers?
  • Do you have a hard time deciding whether to let someone go or put more time into developing them?
  • Do you have formal training programs in place to continue to develop your team?
  • Have you documented the experience, traits and motivations of your top performers?
  • Are you getting the best candidates you can find?
  • Are you using disciplined processes, assessments and interviews to select the right people?
  • Have you hired a great resume only to find out they didn’t fit in or took longer than expected to get going?
  • Do you have a rep that sells well but leaves a wake with colleagues and customers?
  • Do you have a hard time determining which reps to let go and which ones can be developed?
  • Does it take longer than you think to ramp up a new employee?

Pivotal Advisors can help you:

  • Creating detailed profiles of your "ideal" seller
  • Utilizing assessments to gain objective insights into a candidate's fit with your organization
  • Implementing behavioral interviewing to uncover values and attitudes
  • Identifying areas where your reps need development
  • Designing training programs to get new hires productive quickly
  • Designing training to develop your reps
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