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Measuring What Matters

You may have heard the phrase “what gets measured gets done,” yet, many sales teams track revenue as the only true performance indicator.

Measuring sales verses quota alone does not take into account these important factors:

  • Reps that make quota with one or two big deals
  • Reps that are very successful, but consume far more resources than all the other reps combined
  • Reps that sign many deals to get to their quota, yet fall below profitability expectations
  • Inappropriate quotas

Only looking at results does not allow you to make changes until the game is over. In addition to revenue, successful organizations measure the key activities that lead to sales. Then, they use these measurements to help develop their reps and make adjustments to improve performance. These organizations also measure profitability, and satisfaction as key indicators of a rep’s performance. Creating a more complete insight into your reps’ selling behaviors and spotting issues before it's too late separates the great sales teams from the rest.


Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms/issues?

  • Not having an understanding of "why" a rep is underperforming
  • No monitoring of the daily behaviors that lead to outstanding performance
  • Inaccurate or incomplete forecasts being submitted
  • Publishing of results weeks after the selling occurred as the measure of performance
  • Little feedback provided to reps on how they are doing
  • Retention of reps that bring in bad business simply because they are hitting quota
  • No understanding of where reps are getting stopped in the sales process
  • No coaching aids provided to sales leaders

Pivotal Advisors can help you:

  • Determine the most critical things to measure and implement them
  • Create clear, targeted assignments and informed quotas
  • Develop scorecards for daily and weekly feedback and coaching
  • Design communication and processes to improve forecast accuracy
  • Learn how to use sales scorecards for evaluation and rep development
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