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Selling Success Factors

The best sales organizations develop a series of critical systems and processes, customize them for their organization, and implement through outstanding sales leadership.

Many organizations feel that by implementing a sales process or methodology, they are improving their team. Or, if they provide occasional training, they are developing their reps. However, the return on investment from these efforts often does not yield the intended results for various reasons.

At Pivotal Advisors we feel strongly that these approaches on their own will never get you the results that you want. Each organization needs to implement a series of Sales Success Factors unique to them to truly make a positive impact on sales. These elements work together as an integrated system for driving the behaviors that lead to improved results. As one is modified, you need to look at the others. The better aligned the systems, the more clearly sales reps will understand what is expected of them and how to get it done.

Consider the following:

  • Once you understand our target clients and distribution approach, you know which people to hire and how to best structure your team.
  • Once you have the right people hired, you need to demonstrate the activities and behaviors that lead to success.  This means following a disciplined sales process that isp roven to land business. Yet, many sales leaders allow their reps to define and follow their own process.
  • As your sales team completes their work, you need to measure to understand what is working and what is not - not just results.
  • You also need to reward the behaviors that drive the results you expect.  This includes non-monetary rewards as well as compensation.
  • Sales leaders need to implement, then continually reinforce process and structure to really affect change, and then adjust along the way.

If any one of the Sales Success Factors is not optimized, the sales organization will not perform to its potential!

Summary of products and services

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