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Making It Real

Often the difference between average and outstanding performance is simply the ability to execute.

Sales leaders are primarily responsible for putting the people, systems and processes into action. On a daily basis they influence the behavior, accountability, retention and motivation of the entire selling team.

Many times, organizations will implement a process, strategy, or methodology only to have it fall by the wayside a few months later; their investment is all but lost. This is often due to the lack of reinforcement.  Not because the sales leader does not believe in the new approach, but because they lack the skill, time or tools to consistently adhere to the new plan. Therefore, the reps and the leader fall back into the old way of doing things.

To truly make a change happen, people must continually demonstrate new behavior. This means that someone needs to insure that they are not going back to their old way of doing things. Things like structure, tools, processes (and more) need to change in order for people to adapt. If a new process or methodology is introduced to the organization, then the sales leader needs to manage to that process, speak that language, hold reps accountable for following those steps, coach the reps on how each step should be handled, and develop the measurements to find areas where people are having issues so that they can correct them. Without this type of structure, and continual reinforcement, the team will undoubtedly revert back to their old habits within a few weeks.


Are your sales leaders...

  • Not using a sales process, methodology or training in which you have invested?
  • Coming in to “close” rather than coaching and supporting?
  • Pushing people hard but not teaching or demonstrating the behavior they desire?
  • Providing limited or ineffective feedback to their reps?
  • Expecting their teams to know what to do without providing them with the proper training?
  • Lashing out against management rather than understanding they are management

Pivotal Advisors can help you:

  • Become more effective coaches
  • Make a change and implemented
  • Learn to be a facilitator and trainer their reps respect and follow
  • Proactively manage performance
  • Get the most from their teams
  • Consistently reinforce the processes and methodologies that they want their reps to follow
  • Use technology to reinforce behavior
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