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Sales Leader Alliance

The Sales Leader Alliance is a unique opportunity for Twin Cities Sales Leaders to leverage the education and advice of their peers. Learn how to develop your skills and make better decisions!

The Sales Leader Alliance creates personal access to peer professionals and true experts to learn how top performing sales managers are leading their teams. Leverage the experience of others to avoid making costly mistakes. Fill the gap in profitability between knowing both what to do and knowing how to do it.

Four great reasons to join the Sales Leader Alliance:

  1. Education and Training
    Each month we focus on a new sales management-specific topic to develop and refine the skills required to be an effective sales leader. Facilitated by an experienced Pivotal Advisors executive sales leader, we provide content designed to:
    • Demonstrate sales management best practices from top performing organizations
    • Give members tools and practices that can be applied immediately
    • Make members more strategic and proactive in their leadership
    • Increase the knowledge and development of its members

  2. Peer‐to‐Peer Group Experience
    Share in the best practices in sales management being used by the growth leaders of non-competing companies. We will discuss, in a safe environment, the real-time issues we all are facing and leverage the expertise and experience in the room to help each other make better decisions and avoid making bad ones.

  3. Pivotal Advisors Content Library
    Alliance members have access to a comprehensive library of tools, models and templates that they can use to address immediate needs. These include items such as job profiles, compensation templates, sales scorecards, sales planning documents and more.

  4. Professional Advice
    Outside of the monthly meetings, Pivotal Advisors consultants are “on call” to provide advice, counseling and ideas to Sales Leader Alliance members. In addition, members receive discounted rates on extended consulting engagements.

Sales Leader Alliance Membership Requirements

Are you ready to join this unique sales leader peer group? In order to make sure we're offering the best collaboration to our members we ask that everyone meet the following requirements:

  • You must be an active leader with direct or indirect reports that are individual sales contributors
  • You're able to come prepared to contribute regularly and act on the advice of your peers
  • You're willing to share your experiences to help others learn from your successes and mistakes
  • You agree to an annual membership

Areas of Focus

The Sales Leader Alliance meetings focus on multiple topics related to the Six Sales Success Factors which we believe need to be optimized to allow organizations to get to the next level of sales

  • Growth Strategy – Strategic planning, initiatives, differentiation, ideal client definition, alignment
  • People – Detailed job definitions, recruiting and selection strategies, behavioral interviewing, formalized onboarding processes, retention strategies
  • Process – Defining specific stages and activities within each, driving adoption, tools to support your process, training
  • Measurement – Developing key leading and lagging indicators of success, aligning with executive management on key measures, tracking progress, using data to identify coaching opportunities
  • Rewards and Recognition – Compensation plan development, non-monetary reward systems, driving engagement, performance management
  • Execution – Communication up, down and around, coaching best practices, sales operating systems


Please contact Judd Anderson at 952-226-3381 or janderson@pivotaladvisors.com

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