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Following are links to research and articles that we believe is relevant to the role of the sales leader in today’s business world. We will update this area from time to time with new information. Also feel free to sign up below to receive this information via email.

Sales Management: Win More Time to Win More Wins - written by Gary Braun

Like many sales managers, you may feel like one-off requests from the top are killing your ability to spend time on revenue-driving activities — a sort of death by a thousand paper cuts situation. But short of hiring a second version of yourself, how can you provide your senior executive/CEO the visibility they need? Consider that with key insights into managing up, you can identify, analyze and prioritize your way to the right reports, levels of accuracy and bottom-line results — all in the same amount of time. This blog covers the highlights and most salient points of the Visibility for the CEO, Sanity for the Sales Manager Webinar. More...

Hear a recording of our Webinar - Visibility for the CEO, Sanity for the Sales Manager

Held April 5, 2010, this Webinar discussion explores ways that sales managers can deal with the demands of too many one-off requests from the top while still delivering visibility and meeting the demands of senior executives/CEOs. Click here to listen to the Webinar and find out the three principal techniques for managing up and getting back to results-drive sales management tasks: sales rep coaching, strategic planning and discerning participation in sales efforts.

Follow the Leaders to Sales Training Success - written by Gary Braun and Mike Braun

An ASTD / Sales Training Drivers Webinar Follow-Up Article - For those of you unable to attend our November 10, 2009 Webinar and for those attendees wanting a review, here is Pivotal Advisors' advice for making sales managers enthusiastic and visible driving forces behind sales training success.

You might think a successful start to sales training begins with a room full of eager, well-prepped trainees. Although it’s a good start for the trainer, the sales manager is the most important person in the adoption of training programs. How can businesses ensure that their training goes farther and has a greater bottom-line impact? This article describes the importance of integrating the sales manager into every step of the sales training lifecycle as well as the imperative of a performance management system to aid in the adoption of sales training. Click here to read or print the full article

To hear a replay of the November 10, 2009, Pivotal Advisors Webinar, visit the Sales Training Drivers website at http://www.salestrainingdrivers.org/webcasts.aspx. Please scroll down and select the On‐Demand Archived Webcast titled, Driving Training Adoption through Sales Leadership: Getting training to stick through the sales leader's Performance Management System.

Participate in our Sales Management Survey

Pivotal Advisors is conducting a survey of all sales leadership individuals (anybody who manages a sales team) to uncover how the highest achieving organizations operate differently from their peers. This survey will take about 15 minutes and all participants are eligible to receive a copy of the summary report at no charge. Click here to take the survey

Can CEOs Drive Sales Growth? - written by Mike Braun

It may appear to be critical these days, but the fact is that CEOs have lamented for years over their need for more sales. Whether it's a small business or a large corporation, growth is king. Numerous studies and a variety of personal interviews state that growing sales is #1 or near the top of the largest issues CEOs face. So what are you going to do about it? Click here to read or print the full article

Guide to Measuring Sales Performance - from ES Rearch

Over 60% of ESR’s clients and vendor references have indicated that they do not have a sales performance measurement program in place, but intend to implement one within the next six to 12 months. Of the 40% that say they do measure sales performance, many of them have limited measurement capabilities, mostly in the form of trailing indicators, such as performance against quota. This report provides the ability for companies (and vendors) to benchmark and measure sales performance and determine their ROI for sales training... Read the full article

2009 Miller Heiman Sales Best Practices Study

Annual Study Reveals Best Practices, Perception Gaps and Year-over-Year Trends

Every year for the past six years, Miller Heiman has surveyed sales professionals – executives, leaders and representatives – to better understand what differentiates World-Class Sales Organizations. This global study contains input from more than 21,000 participants to date and is considered the world's largest ongoing study of complex, business-to-business selling and sales management practices... Read the full article

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