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Products and Services

Pivotal Advisors provides products and services around the Sales Performance Factors of Strategy, People, Process, Measurement, Rewards and Implementation. We focus on the sales leader as the Pivotal person in translating strategy to action and driving daily behavior. Because each sales organization has different needs and budgets, Pivotal Advisors has developed a range of solutions. We strongly believe that training and development should not be an event, but rather an ongoing process. We have designed most of our programs to not only teach and advise, but also to provide the ongoing reinforcement that truly drives change within an organization.

Management Advisory Program (M.A.P.)

Clients involved in M.A.P. participate in a personalized, comprehensive three to six month program targeted at Sales Leaders. A Pivotal Advisors consultant will work closely with your leaders to evaluate the current organization, as well as helping the leader enhance their effectiveness. We will create a specific action plan to enhance the team’s performance. To execute the plan, your Sales Leaders will receive advice, practical tools, one-on-one coaching and/or customized training on how to get the most from their team.

Interim Sales Management

Pivotal Advisors' Interim Sales Management provides day-to-day sales leadership in order to implement agreed upon deliverables which may include the following:

  • Develop goals and accountability
  • Establish a Sales Operating System
  • Develop key metrics to measure effectiveness and progress
  • Communicate progress and pipeline data to management to senior management
  • Provide staffing recommendations
  • Define and implement key systems and processes
  • Assist in selection of and transition to a permanent sales leader

Sales Peer Groups

Our sales leader peer groups offer a unique combination of development and tools for the sales leader with the power of peer group advice and experience. Members get to learn from experts on specific sales leadership topics and leverage the experience and advice of their peers to resolve their own specific issues. The Sales Leader Alliance is ideal for the more experienced sales leaders to refine their skills while the Pivotal Performance System is designed to transition newer managers into the role.

Point Solutions

Some of our clients simply need assistance with a specific initiative or project. Pivotal Advisors offers various different point solutions with a specific scope of work and objective. Our individualized approach may offer any of the following:

  • Sales Organizational Assessments
  • Strategic and Tactical Sales Planning
  • Sales Process Definition and Implementation
  • Selection/Interviewing Support
  • Onboarding Programs
  • CRM implementation and Adoption Programs
  • Sales Process and Skills Training
  • Compensation and Incentive Plan Development
  • Sales Tool Development
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