#3 Open Territory – Not Enough Reps

Open Sales Territories or Open Sales Positions are one of the most common factors that hurt companies’ ability to grow. There are simply not enough people to take advantage of the opportunities available.   How does this happen?

  • You lose a rep (either through termination or they leave voluntarily) and it takes much too long to replace them.   In the meantime, either nobody is managing their prospects or somebody is doing it part-time while they manage their own territory. This is very common and most CEOs and Sales managers don’t put nearly the urgency they should in replacing departed sales reps.
  • Status Quo – You’ve always had x number of reps so that is what we will stick with. However, if you truly want sales growth, either your existing reps need to sell more (this strategy rarely works) or you need more reps.

The Open Territory factor causes the following:

  • Drop off in future revenue because the funnel is not being filled
  • Missed opportunities because nobody is there to find them
  • Underperformance in other territories as reps try to “cover” which takes time away from their own territory
  • Attrition in customer base because they are not being served

We have worked with companies to:

  • Assess whether your current team size and structure is sufficient to execute your growth strategy
  • Develop a strategy for having a “warm bench” for when you need reps
  • Create detailed profiles of your “ideal” rep to help you hire more effectively
  • Design onboarding programs that get new hires up-to-speed quickly

If you would like to learn more about our approach to strategic direction and sales growth, please contact janderson@pivotaladvisors.com or call 952.226.3381.

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