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About Us

At Pivotal Advisors, we partner with our clients to help them understand
where they are today, what they need to change, and how to do it.

Our passion is to share our experience and help organizations sell more.

Our founders have sold, managed, led direct and indirect channels and held Senior Executive Sales Positions in multiple organizations. We have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of companies on a variety of initiatives and monitored the results. Our findings have driven us to these conclusions:

  • The sales leaders within organizations have more impact on sales performance (positive or negative) than any other component of the organization.
  • The best sales organizations develop a series of critical systems and processes, surround them by the right people for their organization and have them implemented and reinforced by outstanding sales leadership.

While this may seem straight forward, the challenging part for our clients is determining which people, processes, leadership style and technology will really work. With decades of experience and training in multiple sales methodologies and processes, we can draw from a variety of resources. However, each organization has a unique strategy and culture making it difficult to sort through the myriad of books, programs and experts to decide what is right for you.

Our approach is to match each organization with the processes that most closely fit their environment then customize them to fit the company’s culture, reinforce these programs on an ongoing basis to really affect change, and maximize results.

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