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Mike and Gary Braun are owners/founders of Pivotal Advisors and also brothers. In 2005 Gary was a VP of Sales for a fast-growing company. The speed of his company’s growth had masked many sales issues until the market slowed and competition started catching up. Suddenly, business was harder to come by and the lack of systems, processes and structure came to light.

About this time, Mike and Gary were partners in a Thursday night golf league. Each week, Gary would show up late for golf in a scramble, he would run to the first tee, shank the drive somewhere, and then spend the first three to four holes complaining about work and how crazy his job was. Mike had also gone through similar hyper-growth with his company and had previously experienced many of the same things as Gary, but had gotten help on how to gain control and put structure and processes in place to help his company scale. Mike shared with Gary how the changes he made helped him. More importantly, it made his life easier and he wasn’t running around with his hair on fire any longer.

Each week at golf league, Mike would coach Gary on how to implement structure process and systems. Those changes allowed Gary to become more intentional about tracking progress against goals which helped him spot trends and coaching opportunities. Gary got a lot better at “coaching” rather than just telling people what to do. He made a fundamental shift from directing people’s action to focusing on making his team better. The results were obvious, sales grew and his team rocked.

Fast forward to 2008. Mike was in the process of selling his consulting firm. He said to Gary, “We always said we wanted to start a business together, and if we were ever going to do it, now is the time.” They contemplated many options, but decided that their respective shifts in how they managed sales not only got superior results, but it allowed them to scale the sales growth in their companies. So, they captured their concepts on a whiteboard for managing a successful team and the “Pivotal Performance Factors” became the model for Pivotal Advisors. They launched the company later that year – yes, in 2008 right as the market was crashing.

In 2009, their first full year, they worked with 17 different clients and proved that they could help them move the sales needle with their approach. In 2010, they doubled revenues and further established that these concepts work. Today, they have worked with hundreds of sales leaders to replicate their success. The methodology they use is still based on those same models and approaches that were first discusses on the golf course and then formalized in 2008.

Many of Pivotal Advisors’ clients from 2008 and 2009 are still ongoing clients. They have experienced growth and continually come back to Pivotal Advisors whenever they hit their next set of challenges. Gary and Mike have continually expanded their staff with seasoned sales leaders who can carry their message to businesses and sales leaders so they can experience similar growth and sales discipline. Pivotal Advisors thanks our clients along with the organizers of the Thursday night golf league…little do they know they launched a company! After all these years, Gary often wonders if Mike’s ulterior motive for coaching him was to take stress off him so he would golf better.


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